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At EDMA SEO Consulting Services, our expert SEO consultants can help your website achieve prime positioning on the first page of Google for organic search success. With billions of annual searches, it is crucial to implement a strategic approach to maximise your online visibility and drive sales and leads. Our services include a comprehensive SEO strategy, personalised recommendations based on your unique needs, guidance and assistance in implementing SEO techniques, and the expertise of our in-house team of 125+ SEO specialists with Google certifications.

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With a team comprising SEOs, designers, and developers, we have established ourselves as a leading SEO consultant in the industry.


By leveraging our services, you can give your website the competitive edge it needs. With over 20 years of experience helping companies succeed on Google, our SEO consultants have the knowledge and skills to achieve top rankings, increase website traffic, and generate more conversions. We will provide you with valuable insights into the most promising SEO opportunities for your business, create a roadmap for implementing both on-site and off-site strategies, and serve as a dedicated business partner in your quest for search engine success.


Get Your SEO Consulting Estimate

At EDMA SEO Consulting, we understand that each consulting project and client is unique. To provide an accurate budget for our SEO consulting services, we will engage in a thorough discussion about your brand, website history, and specific goals. By gaining insights into your business, we can tailor our strategies to deliver the best results for you.

In a quick and informative 30-60 minute meeting, we will demonstrate how our expertise can help your website land on the coveted page #1 rankings. We will walk you through our proven methodologies and showcase case studies that highlight our track record of success. Our goal is to empower your website with the visibility it needs to reach and surpass your digital objectives.


At EDMA SEO Consulting Services, we offer comprehensive solutions that drive search rankings, increase organic traffic, and generate revenue. Our tailored SEO consulting services will provide you with valuable insights on your current search ranking, help you identify opportunities for growth, and chart a path to achieve your goals. We understand that each website is unique, and therefore, each strategy we develop is customized accordingly. Take a look at what our SEO consulting services can include based on your specific objectives:

Detailed SEO Audit: Our team of experienced SEO strategists and specialists will conduct a thorough audit of your website. This comprehensive analysis covers all aspects of SEO, including on-page optimisations, content quality, off-site optimisations, HTML markup, backlinks, site structure, and more. We will identify areas for improvement, optimise title tags and meta descriptions, resolve issues like 404 errors and broken links, and implement strategies to elevate your site’s ranking.

Keyword Research and Analysis: We will perform in-depth keyword research to identify relevant search terms for your industry. By targeting the right keywords, we can optimise your website’s content and ensure it aligns with user search intent, leading to improved search rankings and increased organic traffic.

Competitive Analysis: Understanding your competitors and their SEO strategies is crucial. Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors’ websites, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. This information will guide our approach to outperforming them in search rankings.

On-Page Optimisation: Through meticulous optimisation of your website’s on-page elements, including title tags, meta descriptions, headings, and content structure, we will enhance your site’s visibility in search results. Our team will provide you with clear recommendations and implement best practices to improve overall SEO performance.

Link Building: We will develop a strategic link-building plan to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable websites. These backlinks will strengthen your website’s authority in search engines and drive more organic traffic.

Technical SEO Enhancements: Our specialists will review your website’s technical infrastructure, ensuring it is optimised for search engine crawling and indexing. This includes optimising site speed, improving mobile-friendliness, fixing broken links, and enhancing overall user experience.

Analytics and Reporting: We will set up analytics tracking and provide detailed reports on SEO performance, including rankings, traffic, and conversions. These insights will help you understand the impact of our efforts and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

With our comprehensive SEO consulting services, you’ll have the roadmap and guidance needed to achieve higher search rankings, attract valuable organic traffic, and increase revenue for your business. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your website in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

  • Keyword Research & Planning: As part of our SEO consulting services, our team conducts thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-impact keywords to target. Leveraging our experience working with similar industries, we deliver proven action items that set us apart as a standout consulting firm.

    Roadmap For SEO Success: After completing an in-depth audit, we develop a roadmap for improvement based on your goals and current keyword rankings. Our roadmap outlines short-term and long-term SEO projects, prioritizing actions that will have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.

    SEO Implementation Guidance: With years of experience in strategy development and implementation, our team provides guidance on adopting best practices for SEO implementation. We work with you to develop guides and resources that educate your team, reviewing HTML markup, suggesting authoritative and informative content, and monitoring campaign results. Our aim is to empower your marketing team with the knowledge to make informed decisions, whether it’s technical SEO or strategies to boost conversion rates.

    Competitor SEO Analysis: Understanding your competition is crucial in developing effective SEO strategies. Our consultants analyse your top competitors, evaluating their on-page optimisation tactics, targeted keywords, content strategies, and backlink approaches. By reverse engineering their success, we identify opportunities to outperform them and rank higher. Our detailed report includes actionable tasks to enhance your online presence and advanced strategies like latent semantic indexing (LSI) to drive business growth.

    With our comprehensive keyword research, strategic roadmap, implementation guidance, and competitor analysis, our SEO consulting services provide the tools and expertise needed to optimize your website and achieve higher search rankings. Trust us to guide you on the path to SEO success and drive increased visibility, organic traffic, and business growth.


Backlink Audit & Link Profile Consulting: We analyze your backlink profile to determine its impact on your site’s rankings. Our team uses various tools to assess the quality and relevance of your backlinks. Based on the findings, we develop a plan to improve, fix, and build upon your existing links, aligning them with effective search engine optimization practices. We also offer ongoing monitoring to ensure your backlink profile remains in good standing as search engine algorithms evolve.

High-Quality Link Building: After auditing your backlinks, we research unique and relevant opportunities for link building. Quality is our focus, emphasizing valuable backlinks over a large quantity of low-quality ones. Taking your industry, services, and potential into account, we devise a customized link-building plan and assist with its execution.

Website Redesign Consultation: If you’re planning a website redesign, involving an SEO company is crucial. Redesigns are not only about visuals; they present an opportunity to incorporate best practices for search engine optimization. Our consultants provide visual design feedback, conversion recommendations, review site structure and content, and offer foundational on-page optimization. We also identify necessary redirects to maintain user experience, backlinks, and rankings, preventing detrimental mistakes. Our goal is to create a comprehensive online presence for your business.

Monthly In-Depth Reporting: Assessing results and adapting strategies is vital for a successful SEO campaign. Monthly reports showcase key performance metrics, accomplishments, observations, and plans for the future. With transparency as a priority, we ensure you understand your progress, our actions, and the upcoming strategy. Our consultants hold meetings to review the report and discuss plans for the following month.

Does SEO Really Work? Yes, SEO is effective. More than half of all website traffic comes from organic search. With proven methods and expertise, a well-executed SEO campaign can lead to page one rankings, increased organic traffic, and more leads and sales.

The Importance of Consulting During a Website Redesign: SEO consultants are essential during a website redesign. With numerous elements, structure changes, and decisions involved, their guidance ensures that SEO considerations are prioritized. Unchecked decisions by designers and developers may overlook critical elements that impact rankings. Managing the 301 redirect process is also crucial to prevent a significant drop in rankings post-launch.

After signing with EDMA, you will be introduced to the team you’ll be partnering with. Typically, your account will have a team of 5-10 skilled experts, including a lead strategist, specialists, account manager, front-end developer, back-end developer, and additional members if required.

During our initial call, we will get to know your business better, and you will gain insights into our process. This ensures a mutual understanding of the project and communication expectations going forward. We will provide access to our project management software, making it convenient for you to communicate and manage tasks.

As we begin our consulting agreement, we will collaborate with you monthly to outline the action plan for each month. Together, we will determine priorities, areas where you need assistance, and where we can make the most significant impact. Constant communication will be maintained throughout each month, focusing on deadlines and deliverables. We meticulously track our work and provide you with a detailed report at the end of each month. We will then meet with your team to review the report and plan for the upcoming month. The objective is for both teams to concentrate on SEO tasks that drive your website towards your search marketing goals swiftly.

Cost of Hiring EDMA as an SEO Consultant:

The cost of hiring EDMA as an SEO consultant depends on your specific requirements. We estimate the cost based on the monthly hours needed. Our hourly rates range from 60€ to 100€. To have a comprehensive understanding of your goals, we will discuss with you, conduct a website audit, collaborate with your internal team, and propose a solution that best suits your needs. Please reach out to us at 1-866-647-9218 or click the green button above to initiate contact.

8 Tips for Hiring an SEO Consultant:

  1. Verify SEO Experience.
  2. Check for Customized Strategy Approach.
  3. Evaluate Technical Knowledge.
  4. Assess Communication Skills.
  5. Ask for References.
  6. Consider Approach to Link Building.
  7. Understand Keyword Strategy.
  8. Determine the Measurement of Success.

Frequently asked questions about Search Engine Optimisation Services

What does an SEO Consultant do?

Wondering what an SEO consultant does? They analyse websites, conduct keyword research, optimise content, and provide strategies to improve search engine rankings. From technical SEO to link building, they help businesses maximize online visibility and attract organic traffic. #SEOConsultant #DigitalMarketing

What is an SEO Audit?

Curious about an SEO audit? It’s an in-depth analysis of your website’s performance, identifying strengths and weaknesses impacting its search engine visibility. From on-page optimisation to technical issues, an SEO audit provides insights to optimise your site and boost rankings. #SEO #WebsiteAnalysis #DigitalMarketing

How long does it take to see get results from SEO?

When will you see results from SEO? Patience is key. It typically takes 4-6 months to notice significant improvements in search engine rankings and organic traffic. Factors like competition, website authority, and quality content play a role. Stay consistent with optimization efforts for long-term success. #SEOResults #PatienceIsKey #DigitalMarketing numquam, error, est. Ea, consequatur.

Can SEO work on our existing site?

Absolutely! SEO can work wonders on your existing website. By identifying areas for improvement, conducting keyword research, optimizing content, and implementing technical adjustments, you can enhance its visibility and attract more organic traffic. Don’t miss the opportunity to optimize your current site for better search engine rankings and online success. #SEOOptimization #OnlineVisibility #DigitalMarketing 

Is local SEO Different from other SEO?

Yes, local SEO differs from general SEO in terms of its focus on location-based targeting. Local SEO aims to optimize your online presence to attract customers in specific geographic areas. It involves strategies like optimizing Google My Business, obtaining local citations, and targeting location-specific keywords. Implementing local SEO tactics can help businesses thrive in their local markets and gain an edge over competitors. #LocalSEO #GeographicTargeting #DigitalMarketing

Do SEO techniques differ from one industry to another?

Yes, SEO techniques can vary across industries. While core principles remain consistent, each industry has unique characteristics and target audiences, requiring tailored strategies. Keyword selection, content creation, on-page optimization, and backlink strategies may differ based on industry-specific trends and competition. Understanding industry nuances is essential to implementing effective SEO techniques and achieving optimal results. #IndustrySEO #TailoredApproach #DigitalMarketing

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